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Listed on this page are answers to just some of the thousands of questions my clients have asked me most frequently over the years I’ve practiced as a Canadian Immigration Lawyer here in Vancouver, BC. If you are looking for an answer to a question that is not currently listed here, please ask your question at the end of this page and I’ll gladly respond as soon as possible.

Permanent Residence

  • Family Sponsorship

    • Is it better to file an application inland or outland for family sponsorship?

      The general rule is that applications outside Canada take less time to process. This is one of the main reasons people decide to apply outland, however, other factors must be considered before making the decision. Every case is different. Dejar un Comentario

    • Can I sponsor my partner if he/she does not have legal status in Canada?

      Yes, if your partner is already in Canada without legal status, they can be sponsored for permanent residence in most cases. However, some exceptions may apply.Dejar un Comentario

    • Can I travel outside Canada while I have an application in process under the family class?

      It all depends. Although it is not recommended to travel while you have an application in process in some cases the risk of doing it is very low. Please refer to our article Can I travel outside Canada while applying for permanent residence for more information.Dejar un Comentario

  • Express Entry

    • If I do not qualify for one of the three programs (FSW, CEC or FST) can I still apply for Express Entry?

      In order to be able to enter the pool of candidates, you need to first qualify for one of the programs.Dejar un Comentario

    • Does a letter from my employer count as a job offer for Express Entry?

      For Express Entry, a job offer is defined as a process under the PNP or LMIA.Dejar un Comentario

    • Can I apply for Express Entry even I do not have a job offer?

      Yes, although candidates with a job offer have better chances to be invited to apply for permanent residence; through out the year the scores for Express Entry change and people without a job offer may be called as well. Dejar un Comentario

Temporary Residence

  • Study Permits

    • My study permit says I can work 20 hours per week. Can I work more hours one week and fewer hours the next one?

      The rationale behind the 20 hours is that the students can keep their programs in good standing while they are able to earn some extra income. The government has been very specific about the 20-hours maximum to work and there is no regulation that allows interchanging the number of hours or doing add-ups. Also, read this article on International Students in Canada working 20 hours a week. Dejar un Comentario

    • Can I work part-time while I study English?

      Language students are not allowed to work while they are studying. As of June 1st, 2014 only certain students are allowed to work in the meantime. Dejar un Comentario

  • Visitor Status

    • How much money do I need to prove to extend my stay in Canada?

      If you are extending as a visitor and are not currently legally working, you must prove to have enough funds to cover all the expenses arisen during your stay. The general basic amount is $1,000 CAD per each month you want to stay, however, it also depends on the activities you will perform and the main reason of your stay. Sometimes more money may be required. Dejar un Comentario

    • What is the longest I can extend my stay in Canada for?

      This depends on how much money you have available to cover your expenses while not working. There is no minimum or maximum time as every case is different. I have seen people extending for one month while other have extended for several years at a time. The reason of your stay must be compelling as well. Dejar un Comentario

    • I am a visitor and I would like to stay longer in Canada, can I go to the border and re-enter Canada to extend my stay?

      Although some people like doing that, it is not recommended. The general rule is that a person who is a visitor to Canada must remain outside Canada longer than what they remain within. If trying to re-enter the country after several months of being in Canada there is a risk of being refused entry and removed to your country of origin. The best way to extend your stay is by filing an application on-line. Dejar un Comentario

  • Work Permits

    • Can I keep working after my work permit expires if I applied for a new permit?

      If you applied for a work permit with the same employer and under the same conditions, you can continue working under implied status. If you applied for a different kind of permit including a different kind of work permit or a different status, you cannot benefit from the implied status provision. You can remain in Canada and wait for the answer but you cannot continue using the work permit. Dejar un Comentario

    • How can I apply for a work permit?

      There are several ways to obtain a work permit, however, the general rule is that a job offer is needed. It is better to seek professional advice to evaluate your specific situation and your options as the Temporary Foreign Worker program is very broad.Dejar un Comentario

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