Can I be refused by CIC after being nominated through the PNP?

Unfortunately, your application for permanent residence can be refused regardless of the nomination made by the Provincial Nominee Program office. The Federal Court of Canada has recently ruled that a CIC officer can refuse if they are not satisfied that the applicant will be economically established in Canada (Kousar v. Canada 2014 FC 12).

The prevailing wage in the immigration process

In order to be successful during your immigration process it is important to consider that the wage offered by your employer plays an important role. During a Labour Market Opinion or even when applying under a different stream for a work permit or for permanent residence, the immigration officers rely on the statistics provided by working-in-canada.

How to tell a Canadian employer that you need their help to stay in Canada

Telling a Canadian employer to help you stay in Canada can be challenging. Most Canadian employers are unfamiliar with Canadian immigration laws and are afraid to deal with the Canadian government.

My Canadian employer wants to sponsor me

The procedure to follow depends on the kind of work permit the worker has or if the Skilled Foreign Worker is not in Canada. For example, a person with a Working Holiday Visa will have to apply under different rules than a person who holds a Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada.

What is the NOC and how do I know whether my occupation qualifies for Canadian Permanent Residence

The National Occupation Classification is the tool that the Canadian government uses to standardize the activities performed on each position, this includes professional and trade jobs.

This classification describes the academic training and experience required for each occupation.