Telling a Canadian employer to help you stay in Canada can be challenging. Most Canadian employers are unfamiliar with Canadian immigration laws and are afraid to deal with the Canadian government.

The reason why they do not know the immigration system is because if your employer is Canadian they will have little or no experience whatsoever with immigration processes.

This is what professionals like myself are for. Whenever I talk to an employer I make sure to clearly explain them the immigration process, it is important they understand every detail as in the end they will be the ones hiring me to represent them before Employment Services and Development Canada as well as Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Most employers are usually too busy to take care of an extra procedure and even if the employers offer you directly to sponsor you into Canada, it is suggested they have a professional by their side during the whole process.

If you have read enough and understand the topic and the applicable regulations, you can attempt to tell your employer to help you support your stay in Canada but keep in mind that telling your employer is going to create a first impression on the matter and if you do not understand all the pitfalls of the process, misinforming the Canadian employer can scare them off and it will no longer be an option for you.

Asking friends or talking to an agent from the call centre of Citizenship and Immigration Canada must not be considered as good sources of information. They can definitely guide you but their advice does not have any legal foundation – which means you should not rely solely on what friends or call centre agents say.

We often provide written documents outlining in detail the procedure in order to show the employer a proposal to sponsor an employee. Also, we could arrange a phone call with the employer on your behalf to address their concerns.

It is important to mention that under the Employment Act most of the fees to retain a foreign worker must be covered by the Canadian employer especially if a Labour Market Opinion is needed.

In conclusion, seek professional help if you would like to take a further step and have asked by an employer to remain in Canada.

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