Now that Justin Trudeau is the Canadian Prime Minister the expectations of the people who travel or wish to travel to this country, or that are possible candidates for an immigration program have risen as a consequence of the promises that the politician made during his campaign.

It is important to remember that throughout the years, the changes that have been made to the immigration programs have been carried out with the intention to equalize it to the immigration systems of brother countries who are also part of the Commonwealth. To say that these changes in Canada have made it worse or that the immigration programs are more difficult to have access to, is relative; individuals that previously did not qualify for immigration to Canada do now at a faster rate with this new system. Individuals that might have previously qualified may not qualify any longer.

The present Prime Minister has stated publicly in several instances, his intention of making changes to the present immigration system in different areas. Nevertheless, before reaching positive conclusions, it is important to take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Justin Trudeau is a politician. Politicians tend to promise endless positive changes to society, with the sole purpose of gaining voters. This often times means that his proposals are kept as promises and they are not translated into real changes.
  • But, let’s assume that there was some changes made, and there was some modification to the law, the time frame in which we could observe the changes might not be as fast as we would like or imagine. To modify any type of law there is a procedure that needs to be followed, and this not only depends on the Prime Minister, but also on Parliament, with periods of discussion, approval, and publication that are out of their reach.
  • In any case that there are changes implemented through any policy, there cannot be any certainty that this is permanent, because by not having enforcement with the law, it could be modified or even eliminated at any time. This could also happen with policies that were previously beneficent that could be eliminated by our Minister.

From the above, we can conclude that we are faced by an environment full of uncertainty with regards to this subject, and it is not good to have any type of expectations; the best option is to wait to see if these promises will turn into actions and take part as laws or policies so we can benefit from them and apply them to the possible candidates as soon as possible.

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