Depending on the type of immigration process, there will usually be a list of documents that will need translation when it comes time to submit the application to Immigration Canada.

Canada’s official languages are English and French, and immigration procedures indicate that every document needs to be presented in either of the official languages of Canada. Even though some embassies and Canadian offices abroad have been flexible when receiving information that is sometimes not in English or French, this may not be for all cases.

Documents that are not in English nor French must be translated. It is understandable that due to the costs of translations, an individual will try to choose only the necessary documents for translation in order for their application to be successful.

If you must choose to translate only a portion of those documents, then the following points will be of much help:

  • If your application is for a temporary stay, financial documents and of ties to your country of origin are the most important.
  • If you would like to prove your relationship with another individual, you must translate marriage certificates or civil proceedings.
  • When applying for permanent residency it is advised that you send all your documents to be translated to avoid risks.

If you wish to apply in your country of origin, you have greater flexibility when it comes to presenting documents that are not translated, however, you have to keep in mind that Immigration Canada officers have the discretion of ignoring your documentation if it is not translated.

If you are looking for translations at a decent price, and the satisfaction of knowing which documents are indispensable for translation, at GlobalAG we can help.

Global Advising Group: Translation Services for Immigration


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