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Immigrate to Canada

Changes to the International Mobility Program: Work Permits Exempt from the LMIA Process

Recently the Canadian government implemented changes to the processing of the LMIA-exempt work permits. One of the more affected categories is the Free Trade Agreement stream that for many years had a very flexible process. In many cases the applicants only had to go to the closest border or port of entry to obtain a work permit.

What does implied status mean?

The processing times for the different applications are constantly changing and clients stress out when their current immigration documents expire and they have not received a reply from the Canadian government. However, as long as the applicant submitted the application PRIOR to the expiry date of their document, the person will be covered under IMPLIED STATUS, this means that the person is legally allowed to remain in Canada until a decision has been made on their applications.

Canadian work permits for French-speaking applicants

French-speaking candidates recruited for temporary employment in managerial, professional or technical occupations and skilled trades, included in Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), and who will be working in a province or territory other than Quebec, can benefit from streamlined and accelerated processing of their Work Permit applications.

The prevailing wage in the immigration process

In order to be successful during your immigration process it is important to consider that the wage offered by your employer plays an important role. During a Labour Market Opinion or even when applying under a different stream for a work permit or for permanent residence, the immigration officers rely on the statistics provided by working-in-canada.

Revocation of Labor Market Opinions and Work Permits

On December 27, 2013, Ministerial Instructions were released respecting Labour Market Opinions and Temporary Work Permits. The Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada together with Citizenship and Immigration Canada will have the power to revoke the positive Labor Market Opinion and the granted work permit in order to address immediately the changes and demands of the Labor Market. This will certainly put the Canadian employers at risk of losing their workers without notice.