What does implied status mean?

The processing times for the different applications are constantly changing and clients stress out when their current immigration documents expire and they have not received a reply from the Canadian government. However, as long as the applicant submitted the application PRIOR to the expiry date of their document, the person will be covered under IMPLIED STATUS, this means that the person is legally allowed to remain in Canada until a decision has been made on their applications.

Canadian work permits for French-speaking applicants

French-speaking candidates recruited for temporary employment in managerial, professional or technical occupations and skilled trades, included in Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), and who will be working in a province or territory other than Quebec, can benefit from streamlined and accelerated processing of their Work Permit applications.

Upcoming Changes for the International Students Program in Canada – June 1st, 2014.

These Regulations offer greater protection to temporary residents by preventing foreign nationals from gaining admittance to Canada through an institution whose sole purpose is the facilitation of foreign nationals into Canada. These Regulations also provide more assurances to Canadians that temporary residents on a study permit will have a positive impact on Canadian society and the Canadian labour market by ensuring that foreign students are primarily in Canada for the purpose of study and are actively contributing to the economy through tuition and living expenses – the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada said recently.

The prevailing wage in the immigration process

In order to be successful during your immigration process it is important to consider that the wage offered by your employer plays an important role. During a Labour Market Opinion or even when applying under a different stream for a work permit or for permanent residence, the immigration officers rely on the statistics provided by working-in-canada.

Study in Canada

We are currently offering the opportunity for foreign nationals to acquire Canadian credentials at recognized institutions either to work in Canada in the future or to return to their countries and obtain a better professional position there. We offer a variety of programs in different areas that allow our clients to perform better in the Canadian labour market or their local one.